(featured in the NY Times) https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/04/science/puritan-tiger-beetles-vicious-predators-may-soon-hunt-again.html

The Puritan tiger beetle (PTB, Ellipsoptera puritana) has only one viable population in the Connecticut river – where it used to be widespread. To restore this species, Advanced BioConsulting leads a team of federal and state agencies, scientists, artists, subcontractors, students and volunteers to learn more about the beetle’s biology, secure good habitat, and establish new populations.

Recently, we completed a large multi-year project which identified quantitative habitat data for PTB habitat quality (prey & sediment), and created the first tiger beetle captive-rearing laboratory – used to reintroduce >1K PTB larvae. <This work was reported on the front page of the NY Times.>

Currently, we’re identifying conservation land, planning to modify new habitat, and understanding how climate change will influence PTB habitat on the river.

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